Learn Arabic Through The Qur'an

Take your first steps to decode the Qur’an and master 
the Arabic language.
  •   60 Students 
Commencement Date
  • 16 November 2021
  • Every Tuesday -
    9 am EDT | 2 pm UK | 9 pm SG/MY
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  • Instructor : Sidi Anass Samsar
  • 06 online classes
  • 60 Students
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  • Recorded Video Available
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About This Course
Course Content

If you’re looking for comprehensive lessons to get a good grasp of the Arabic language in the Qur’an, then you’re in the right place.

SimplyArabic Academy will guide you through this enlightening journey. Many Muslims do not understand the Qur’anic verses they have memorised or recited in their prayers and supplications. 
SimplyArabic presents this opportunity for you to connect with the Holy Qur'an through an appreciation of the Arabic language - the fascinating Arabic words that are enriched with hidden meanings which flow in tandem with its poetic nature. So would you like to unravel its beauty by joining our course - Learn Arabic through the Qur’an?
Learning Arabic through the Qur’an will not just enhance your comprehension of the Qur’an, but it also opens to you an appreciation of other dialects in the Arabic language, and a holistic appreciation towards Arabic literature and poetry.

With one easy click, you can learn Qur’anic Arabic online with our experienced native Arabic language teachers!

In SIX EASY-TO-FOLLOW online lessons, our master teacher will guide you on this wonderful journey through the Qur’an and the Arabic language, Prophetic traditions, and pave a pathway for you to begin learning classical Arabic. All in just less than 2 months!

In this course, participants will be able to:

  • Explore more than 100 Qur’an Arabic words and phrases that are most commonly used in the Qur`an and Prophetic Traditions (hadith)
  • Understand and explicate the meaning of short chapters of the Qur’an like Surah Yasin, Surah Al-Fatiha, Al-Ikhlas and others
  • Develop an appreciation of classical Arabic grammar of the Qur’an
  • Appreciate their ritual prayers (salah) and supplications (du’a) better
  • Begin their journey towards learning classical Arabic or Fusha.
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At the end of this course, you will be empowered by learning Qur’anic Arabic. Through the development of Qur'anic language skills, you will further understand the Arabic language and culture, and immerse yourself fully in spiritual acts of worship, Insha'Allah.

Who is this course for:

This course is suitable for students who are interested to:
  • Start their journey of learning the Quranic Arabic language
  • Understand and appreciate the meanings of the Qur’anic verses
  • Appreciate what they read in their ritual prayer (salah) and supplications (du’a)

Member Reviews

I joined the course to decode the words I read in the Qur’an. The lesson is made interesting with the teacher’s sharing about the Sirah and examples from his experience.

The teacher is very engaging and shares many stories and lessons.
An eye-opener course for me to InshaAllah learn the Qur’an and language. Very engaging course. The teacher has good knowledge and grasp of the course.

Muhammad Taufan  Putra Johannes

About the Instructor:

Sidi Anass Samsar
Sidi Anass Samsar is a Native Arabic teacher who has lived his entire life in Morocco. He pursued his Masters Degree in Arabic and Islamic studies, studying the technicalities of the Arabic language as well as exploring the depths of Islamic studies. 
He is a Munshid and a certified Linguist of the Arabic Language. He has published several works, having written and recited volumes of Arabic poetry.
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